FIrst Monthly Article

My Website Opening

My very first monthly article

The very first monthly article

In this article I will be celebrating the opening of my first handmade website.

I'm giving special thanks to my Mom and Dad for helping me while I was working on this website.
To let you know I will be make more websites and you will shortly learn I love writing so I decided to make this website with many google docs for the many description pages I have made for my photos.
On this website you will see the diversity through the eyes of a kid, in this experience you will explore how important it is to respect diversity.
That being said, let's reflect on why I built this website.
I have many reasons but I’ll state five.
  1. To learn  more HTML techniques.
  2. To express my learning in a technical way.
  3. To show my pieces of art.
  4. To get experience on HTML.
  5. To play around and try new things in HTML.
This website is completely handcrafted and there is no use of templates at all.
All colours are web-friendly colours

Veer Singh