Breakfast Chronicles: Fruit Plate with Boiled Egg

Breakfast Chronicles: Fruit Plate with Boiled Egg. Freshly carved apple swan, accompanied by fresh orange, kiwi and cantaloupe, with a side of boiled eggs (garnished with mustard), cheese and multi grain whole wheat bread.

Made by the SinghZing Family.

Urban Portraits: Portflio

A couple days ago I went to the central library with my mom. at the library I saw a lego structure of the new central library and I took a cool video/ picture of it and it shows the front of it all the way to the back! It is really exciting.

Photoshoot with my mom. to the skate park and back.

Yesterday ,me and my mom went for a photoshoot  and we took a lot of cool pictures.
We went to the skate park and saw somebody doing trick's in the expert zone.  After I had taken the photos I went and asked if I could put them on my blog, then i told him the blog url and then we left.

The Ghurka Regimental Big Brass Band 2014|03|05

Gurkha Regimental Big Brass BandMy Dada is a Retired Brigadier General of the Indian Army. He took us to see an Army Band. They were the best band in India. They played many songs. I had a fruit juice and a Dosa.  It was burning hot that day and there were water fans to cool us off under tents. Me and my Dada listening to the band.

The Restaurant Bhukara! 2014|04|28

This is a famous 5 star restaurant that former American President Bill Clinton & his daughter Chelsea ate at.  The Restaurant named platters after them. We had the Clinton Platter. It was so good.  5 different meats. Then we had desert, chocolate cake & gulab jamun ( my favorites) also Kulfi( pistachio ice cream)  ras ghula, and kheer.

Veer's Tractor ride in Muktsar