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I Love My Daddy!!!

My Daddy is so funny. He makes these funny noises and faces when he plays with me. It makes me smile every time. I love playing with him..... I love my Daddy!!

Tummy Time

Veer has learned how to roll over! He lifts his head so high that it wobbles to the side and the weight of it rolls him over. He is quite amazed when it happens. It is not a regular thing yet but soon will be.

My First Halloween Costume ofcourse a Lion !

To view more photos of Rohan, Owen, Gena and myself in Barnwell for our first Halloween click on the little image below. Rohan Owen Gena Veer Halloween in Barnwell (2007)

My Brother Rohan and I

This is my brother Rohan. To see more photos of me and Rohan please click on the image below Rohan and Veer

Me with My Great GrandMother ( Great Grand Nani)

Taken in My nani's home in barnwell, Alberta.

With My familly

This is My Grandma in Edmonton This is My Dada (Jugnoo) in Edmonton Another of my Dada's (Manmohan) in Edmonton And Below are my very first photos with my brother Rohan who lives in Toronto