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International Day of Peace | September 21, 2012

International Day of Peace/Terry Fox Walk "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future" This is the theme chosen for this years International Day of Peace by  the United Nations.  As we are bombarded with all the appointments, activities, and daily routine please think  how we as individuals can contribute to using resources in a sustainable way, so that the generations to come may discover peace by not having to fight for what should be the right of each person. Today we had the opportunity to be part of the Celebration of the International Day of Peace and Terry Fox Walk with Veer's Class. Below are some of the Images from today.  I hope they Inspire you.  See more of my work at Terry Fox Walk Peace Project Peace Bridge Light a Candle for Peace  All the children sang  Light a Candle for Peace Light A Candle For Peace  Light a candle for peace Light a candle for love Light a candle that shines all away around the world Light a candle for me Light a candle f