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New Trick!

Veer can now roll from his tummy to his back gracefully without flopping his hands out to his sides. He will scoot his bottom into the air with his feet and then push with one foot until his bottom flips over causing his entire body to turn. Occasionally he will fling an arm as far back as it can go and then he pushes with a foot until he rolls. We are wondering when he will learn to roll onto his tummy but for now it is fun watching him do what he can. We will try to capture it on video. Veer Sends his slobbery kisses to everyone.

Happy Valentines Day!!

What a funny thing it is to see Veer with a rose. We would have him smell it and he would close his eyes, scrunch his nose and turn his head each time the petals touched his nose. He was so curious to touch and taste it that he soon didn't care what we were doing he was bound to have his way. I love seeing Veer with his Daddy. It melts my heart.

Another Bedio

Veer 3-4months

Some of Veer's new talents and expressions. Click on Photo to View!! Veer 3-4months