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24 Easy Steps to adding a logo to your Photographs

I have wanted to share some of my knowledge that I have acquired over the years of photography.  With everything I do I try to become more efficient in my workflow.   I know there other ways to complete this task but here are my 24 detailed steps to success.

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*addinga Logo or watermark to your photographs *for batching Portrait & landscape images in one file.

Create Photoshop Action

1|  Open your logo as a PSD file in Photoshop.
2|  Ensure that the layer with your logo is transparent
3|  Hide any white or black background so that you just see the logo on the checker background.
4|  Select the logo layer and select all “command a”
5|  Copy this layer “ command c”
6|  Open an image in Photoshop to be used for creating the Action.
7|  Window --> Actions
8|  Click on New Action to begin
9|  Name Action “Logo” -->choose Function Key & Color of your choice -->Record
10|  Paste the logo on the image “…

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